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The Sims team (Grant Rodiek) held a chat for The Sims 3 Late Night and Fast Lane Stuff Pack on Twitter, if you missed it, here are a few things that were revealed at the event.

  • Elevators are now included
  • New Film Career that has two branches: Director and Actor
  • Vampires, and Vampire Children (wow)
  • The tall buildings can actually be lived in. If you make enough Simoleons you can even buy one of the luxury high rises.
  • The new town or city is like Twinbrook, Riverview, or Sunset Valley. You can import your Sims using Edit Town if you want to keep the same family.
  • You can play the drums in Late Night
  • Vampires will age, but VERY slowly. Vampires will remain young adults and adults for a very, very long time.
  • Better celebrities, better drinks, and more. Stay tuned for details on clubs!
  • CLUBS!
  • New objects. Including a Shuffleboard, darts, bubble bar, new professional bars, 3 new instruments, HOT TUBS.
  • There’s a new breast slider for females and new muscle sliders for both genders.
  • We’ve done a lot of work to make sure Sims can talk while sitting down, having a drink, and more
  • The apartments are extensions of Shells from World Adventures. Big models, but with some floors that can be built and lived in.
  • Mixology is the other new skill. Create tons of awesome new juice drinks, learn some sweet moves, and even work as a mixologist.
  • Vampires won’t die from the sun, but it’s worse. They must live without their powers until they recover from their blisters.
  • The race car is hilariously awesome. So fast!
  • Yes! We have gigs that you can perform. Or, just bring your band and start playing.
  • No bowling alley, sorry. We wanted to change up a few things for Late Night.
  • We do have acting auditions out in the neighborhood. You can also go shoot b-roll footage.
  • Yes, there are undergrounds, or subways as we call them here in the states.
  • Vampires can die by thirst!
  • Yes! You can woohoo in the hot tub and the elevator.
  • Yes, your Sims will sometimes have acting and directing jobs outside the film studio.
  • We have several subways through the neighborhood. You can place your own if you want, even on your Sim’s home lot.
  • Yes there are new traits. New traits are Shy and a new one for Celebrity Sims.
  • Yes, you can incorporate your ambitions locations into the new neighborhood. We always try to leave some empty space!
  • Yes! The FX machine is AWESOME. It shoots snow, fire, glitter, bubbles…oh man it is so cool.
  • Plasma Packs are a new snack to satisfy a vampires’ thirst.
  • The new film Career shares some of the Ambitions features, much like the Doctor career.
  • The paparazzi are fun to deal with.
  • It has a lovely skyline, tons of tall buildings, beautiful coastline.
  • There is really awesome furniture. our concept team went all out this time
  • We wanted to focus on the band itself. We had a lot of instruments and bass, drums, and pianos were the ones we picked.
  • Moonlight doesn’t burn vampires. Only the sun.
  • The new town, It actually wasn’t inspired by New York…
  • Thirst replaces hunger, with Vampire. But, vampires play quite differently than other Sims.
  • This is the most simulation driven EP yet. Opportunities are scaled back.
  • We added several new recipes for bars and the new food truck. Hot Wings = Delicious.
  • Half walls, building inside shell buildings…there is a LOT of build/buy stuff.
  • You can now build pools on any floor level, circular pools. We added a fountain tool, you can move paintings up and down on wall.
  • All children, vampire or not, must go to school. It’s the law! Plus, we don’t want them to be dumb.
  • How busy are the bars? My Sim was at a packed dive bar today. It can get nice and busy.
  • Yes, you can build new stage platforms. There is also a dance floor.
  • When is late night being released? October 26, 2010 worldwide.
  • We have new sliders! Also, the new clothing and hair assets are gorgeous.
  • New death types: Death by Thirst, Old Age…really any death except Hunger.
  • Vampires have a special skin type of sorts (NOT GLITTER). But no, we don’t have new “skin types.”
  • Yes. We even added a new special bed for them that’s quite haunting.
  • There are no half vampires. They either are, or are not a vampire.
  • Yes! We’re really excited to finally get NPC hosted parties. Have fun crashing them (which is possible!)
  • We haven’t opened up existing rabbit holes.
  • No, no coffins. They use regular beds and the new vampire altar.
  • If the club has a bouncer you can sneak in, bribe, hack your way in…or get in legitimately with your celeb status.
  • Yeah, we have four musical skills for four musical instruments.
  • Apartment will range in price like current homes. Some cheaper, some VERY expensive.
  • New facial hair
  • We have a vampire cure that is a potion.
  • Is there special traits for vampires? No, but they have tons of unique behavior.
  • You can become a vampire if you find a vampire, befriend them, and convince them to turn you. I bet the hidden vampire bar is a good place…
  • Vampires can eat grilled cheese if they want, but…it won’t satisfy them.
  • Vampires have a favorite food.
  • yes, there is new music.
  • It’s not a violent mugging. You can get “mauled by bears” technically in The Sims 3. We’re silly, not violent!
  • No hotels. You live in the new neighborhood, not visit.
  • The traffic light is a decorative object, so no, we don’t have a complex traffic system
  • Late Night is all about going out on the town and hanging with friends. Awesome late night experiences. No ocean swimming atm.
  • No DJ booth. We wanted to focus on instruments for now.
  • Paparazzi are in the game. They will sneak around to take photos of celebs.
  • Anything is possible. Right now, we’re all about going out on the town
  • We added a ton of new features for build mode but not spiral staircases (I listed it in a previous tweet).
  • Weather in the new neighborhood is sunny and bright for now. Advisory warning if you’re a vampire.
  • We didn’t create vampire specific clothing but we did add a ton of new outfits. They are easily the best we’ve made.
  • The game is always changing. The video is based on some early footage.
  • If your avatar is any indicator, you sir spot a mean goatee.
  • This time we only added 2 more traits. But we love them too so don’t worry. There’s also another trait you’ll be getting soon…
  • New outfits, new hair, and the breast slider (for women) and new muscle slider for both genders.
  • There aren’t vampire bloodlines. They pass on their traits and abilities genetically though
  • Your Sim can moonlight as a mixologist or earn money in the band.
  • Some old. We’ve modified the art for some of the old ones to look new, and we added tons of buildings, subways, and film studio.
  • Hard to explain the fountain tool via twitter. It’s a flexible way to make really cool fountains. It’s pretty amazing.
  • We have not added any changes to the existing base game restaurants.




  1. Ithink that in the sims 3 you should make it so that you can make the sims walk to the car and pull out of the drive way just like in the sims 2. I'm not tring to be mean but I think this is a good idea for the game. that you so much for reading this e-mail and I hope that you put this for an up date for thee sims 3 game. Bye for now..!!!

    Thank you so much
    from Alex McPherson age 10 years old

  2. I would love to see the Sims walk to the car and pull out the driveway too.

    Unfortunately, EA didn't put that feature in the game. However, since many simmers have already asked for this feature, who knows, it may get included in a future expansion pack.

    With that said, I have to tell you that my blog is not run by EA. Which means... as much as I agree with you, I simply can't do anything about the features of the game.

    Happy Holidays